Big Mail conspiring against the barter economy: tried to trade my friend a wool goat head for some camera film and a gamecube memory card but his package has been lost for a month 🥲

also if your donut place doesn’t sell lottery tickets it’s not legit

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out in western mass donut shops have slogans like “what foods these morsels be!” so i’m not sure i’m ever moving

"The UCLA Institute for Technology, Law and Policy ... is now accepting fellowship applications with a target start date of July 1, 2023. This fellowship is a full-time, two-year academic position at UCLA School of Law."

They "are particularly interested in fellows who may be willing to engage with our new Information Policy Lab, or who are interested in pursuing inter-disciplinary research."

(h/t @markpmckenna)


AB-701 was always destined to be the first in a long line of bills aimed squarely at warehouse workplace monitoring. VERY exciting to see it spread to New York:

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