hopping back onto this place to share that i have found someone who really likes me :))

A complete Rainbow... photo was taken at around 30k ft above the Earth. On the ground, we usually only see the arc half of the circle.
Credit Photo: Lloyd J Ferraro
More details/photos: http://bit.ly/3SvxXbw


I love Kenya. I've started calling Nairobi "Sincerity City." It's filled some of the most thoughtful and genuine people who share themselves so honestly and earnestly. I haven't experienced anywhere like this before and cannot wait to be back.

My colleagues at the Stanford Internet Observatory have written up our observations on studying TikTok and the issues with their proposed researcher API.


Hilarious and horrifying. Such a well-written post.

Let's build a Chrome extension that steals everything


A few weeks ago there was a discussion about the need for a #Mastodon instance dedicated to NGOs, nonprofits, and folks in the human rights space.

So I got to work with @happy and @gillo and created https://mastodon.ngo! We're admin'ing this instance together and we'll be maintaining it for the long term.

If you or your organization or someone you know is interested in creating an account, let me know. You can also request an account here: https://mastodon.ngo/about

Chat GPT 

I asked Chat GPT for more enthusiasm and it really went and added "Woo Hoo!" to every paragraph.

Hello #Boston humans! This Friday 2/17, I'll be at Harvard Bookstore! I'll be reading from The Terraformers and in conversation with the amazing Charles C. Mann (author of 1491). The fun starts at 7pm. Come join us for a journey into the deep future and the deep past. https://www.harvard.com/event/annalee_newitz3/ #books #bookstodon #TheTerraformers

@ndiakopoulos made a nifty Jupyter notebook with uses of GPT-3 for journalism tasks.


Cool to see my experiments in using it to extract structured data from raw text being improved on.

Maryland has proposed a state-level "Privacy Technology Board," which would act as a watchdog -- similar to Oakland's Privacy Advisory Commission.

I think if enacted, it would be the first state-level board of its kind! (Hat tip: @t3chlaw@twitter.com )


I love to write, now, although i really wish that i had this desire to sit and write all the time like ten years ago.

Down-to-Earth car guy Doug DeMuro bought his dream car--he's normally very enthusiastic and gesticulates a lot, but wait till you see him on the verge of happy tears talking about the $1.5m Porsche Carrera GT that is now his :') youtu.be/ZDXWUGsFkKU

I know it's supposed to be "it's" rather than "the," but you'd think Google would account for that in an advert!

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God save us from the pundits. The SOTU is the embodiment of “that could have been an e-mail.”

Google used to take pride in minimizing time we spent there, guiding us to relevant pages as quickly as possible. Over time, they tried to answer everything themselves: longer snippets, inline FAQs, search results full of knowledge panels.

Today's Bard announcement feels like their natural evolution: extracting all value out of the internet for themselves, burying pages at the bottom of each GPT-generated essay like footnotes. https://blog.google/technology/ai/bard-google-ai-search-updates/

Without a free API, do folks think projects will pivot to using ?

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