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AB-701 was always destined to be the first in a long line of bills aimed squarely at warehouse workplace monitoring. VERY exciting to see it spread to New York:

goodnight sun
goodnight moon
goodnight high altitude chinese spy balloon

The next time you use any navigation device, software or Google Maps thank Dr. Gladys West. Her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of Earth, and her work on the development of the satellite models that were eventually incorporated into  the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. #BlackMastodon #BlackHistoryMonth

I often get the sense that quite a few people do not actually know what I write about and instead make assumptions about what I must write about based on another set of assumptions about who I must be.

But, if you ask me, I write about democracy, and this column — about the near-total absence of accountability for American police departments — is very much about democracy.

Harvard is shutting down prominent social media influence scholar Joan Donovan's project at a time when such research is getting both more essential and more difficult.

Let's do a quick #OopSec postmortem on this dickwizard Nikolas Sharp, who tried to ransom his employer Ubiquiti for 50 BTC (~$1.5MM at the time) after pilfering internal files.

* Operated from his home address and home internet connection. Thus, when his VPN failed, his system touched Ubiquiti servers using his home IP, which obviously implicated him.

Lesson: Never operate from your home, and if you must, don't use your own internet connection.

Lesson: Configure your VPN connection to fail safe.

* Used a commercial VPN paid with his own PayPal account with his name on it. (Even if his VPN hadn't failed, they probably could have gotten him on this anyway.)

Lesson: Use an onion router like Tor or pay for a VPN with cash or crypto

* Lied to the FBI. This is almost certainly netting him extra prison time.

Lesson: Don't talk to cops. Shut the fuck up!

And finally, this last one really defies reason:

* After the FBI *raided his house* , he went out and leaked a bunch of information to the press, whose reporting resulted in the Ubiquiti stock price taking a dive. As if LEO and the company weren't already incentivized to crucify this straw-brained sackcloth and flannel mockery of a human being, he went out and gave them even more reason and urgency to throw him in a cage.

Lesson: Once again, shut the fuck up!

Don't do crimes, kids, but if you are compelled by fortune or circumstance, maybe come up with a plan that doesn't unravel the moment everything doesn't go perfectly for you.

The BleepingComputer writeup on the story, and the link to a PDF of the indictment docs here:

#insiderthreat #opsec #cybersecurity #infosec #ubiquiti

So when Twitter shuts down its API access in a week, migration tools like the great from @Tibor will stop working. If you want to migrate your followers do it now!

I spent the new year's holiday in Namibia, and wrote a photo essay about my experience

Remember when Ajit Pai took over the FCC and gutted #netneutrality in a matter of months?

It's been nearly a year and a half and Biden still doesn't even have a fully staffed FCC.

Why? Because Democrats are sitting on their hands while Gigi Sohn faces a coordinated dark money smear campaign.

And the latest attacks are dangerous, and blatantly homophobic.

I wrote about it for FastCompany, please share widely

#FCC #GigiSohn #Privacy #Monopoly #FreeSpeech

Psst, hey, journalists who are covering the story of Twitter removing the free tier of its API:

you probably want to talk to me for your article!

#News: Members of Congress demand the IRS investigate tax-filing companies’ sharing of user data with Meta.

“We are concerned about the implications [The Markup’s] findings have on the rights of taxpayers.”

On a courtcall on a county's proprietary video system and half of the attorneys appearing by video can't figure out the mute/unmute function and the clerk trying to take rolecall is steadily losing his shit.

So ... anyone have a favorite Mastodon bot building template for Pythonistas?

Twitter just announced free access to the Twitter API will end on February 9, with unannounced pricing or usage details, effectively killing every free fun and useful thing ever built with it: bots, games, mashups, visualizations, research projects, autoposters, autoblockers, deleters, and so much more.

To their credit--I did receive a phone call from the current RAO who indicated that I should hopefully be receiving this data soon. So we'll see what we learn, when I get it.

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The Supervisor of Records says in the determination letter: "[b]ased on the Office's response, [it] is unclear if the Office possesses any records responsive to the request."

Of course, I know they exist. I used to hand them out for similar requests for data under former DA Rollins

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The Supervisor of Records at the Mass. Secretary of State's office has issued a determination, ordering Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden's office to provide to me the data I'm seeking, prove that they don't exist, or tell me that they are exempt and why.

They have 10 business days to comply.

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